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Head Teacher's blog

Head Teacher's blog


  • What a busy half term....

    It has been such a busy and productive week at Light Hall. 7CSOC and 8AERE led some thought provoking assemblies on Valentine’s Day. It is never easy to stand up in front of your peers and deliver a message but both forms did very well.

  • A Week of House Activities

    It has been a week of house activities, beginning with the excellent sales pitches from the the year 7 teams on Monday morning in the final of the year 7 Enterprise Challenge. The team from Endeavour House won this competition. They were engaging in their delivery, had thought through how to make as much profit as possible for charity and demonstrated some very enterprising ideas for their charity prom event.

  • Skills for Work

    Dan Garcia, our business ambassador, has been leading our assemblies this week. All students have been hearing about the importance of developing the right skills and attributes for the work place. 

  • Enterprise, Lesson Visits & Sports...

    Our year 7s have been very enterprising today. They have worked in house groups to design and plan a charity event. They have had the opportunity to use a variety of skills as well as develop their team work. I am very much looking forward to judging the final sales pitches in assembly in a couple of weeks’ time.



  • Resilience

    Resilience is the learning skill  that we are focusing on this half term and it has been the theme of several of Mrs Mohomed’s assemblies this week.  I have seen many examples of our students persevering and not giving up, despite the challenges they face.  Well done to  all  our students in all year groups. They have been working well in lessons and have coped very well with the inclement weather this week.



  • Mock Exams Results

    On Wednesday Year 11 sampled just what it is going to be like in August when they get their GCSE results. This week, the brown envelopes contained their mock results. There was a huge range of emotions evident in the hall, as the envelopes were opened and the contents examined, many very positive and some just a little disappointed.



  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to the new school term!  Our students have settled back down to work very quickly.



  • Talent, talent and more talent

    Our year 11s are to be commended on how quickly they have settled into the mock examinations. They are very good role models for the rest of the school.



  • Prize Evening

    Prize evening last night was a delight. We  were privileged to have the company of Joanne Malin, to present our prizes and awards and enjoyed her address.

  • Care and Respect

    I am very proud of the way in which our students live out our core value of care and respect. The caring nature of our young people has really come to the fore this week.