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Light Hall School - Health & Social Care

Subject Overview

Health and Social Care is the study of health and well-being. Students learn about the key stages of physical and emotional development and begin to understand the profound influence relationships and life events can have on an individual’s health. Students also examine the factors that influence a person’s self-concept and how people react to change in their lives.
Many students with qualifications in Health and Social Care go on to have interesting and successful careers in childcare, nursing, midwifery, social work, teaching, paramedics, counselling and health-visiting.

Outline of course content

  • Understanding Health and Well Being
  • Factors that positively influence health and well being
  • Risks to health and well being
  • Fitness testing
  • Development of health plans

Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision 

  • Care needs of major client groups 
  • Types of care services
  • Ways of obtaining care services and barriers to access
  • Main jobs in the health, social care and early years sectors
  • The value bases of care work

Assessment opportunities

This is a single award GCSE:

Unit A911 - Health Social Care and Early Years = 60%
Unit A912 -  Understanding Personal Development and Relationships - Examination = 40%



Health, Social care and Early years is a popular GCSE. The course considers the different types of service available to individuals and how they are organized. Students will identify different client groups and assess their needs. The examined unit is about development and growth. Students will examine the factors that influence the development of individuals and major life changes associated with life stages.

Examining body is OCR

The Controlled assessment is 60% (A911 Health, Social care and Early years).

The examination is 40% (A912 understanding personal development and relationships).

  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
yr 10

The range of care needs of the client groups.
Services available
Development of early years

Controlled assessment
Barriers to care
Organization of services.

Controlled assessment
Skills and qualities required of carers.
Principles of care.

yr 11

Controlled assessment
Understanding personal development and relationships
Stages and patterns of growth

Factors that affect growth
Development of self-concept
Major life changes.

Assessment Examination 40%    



What are the aims of the course?
To increase students’ knowledge and understanding of the care sector. To develop communication skills.

What topics will I study?
A911 Health, Social care and Early years (see above table)

A912 Understanding development and relationships.

What skills will I develop?
Researching, analysing, planning, observing, understanding and evaluating relevant areas of the subject.

What examination will I take?
OCR A912 Understanding Personal Development and Relationships.

What is involved with the examination?
A written examination 1hrs - 40%

What controlled assessment will I have to complete?
Controlled Assessment - 60% total

What independent study will I have to undertake?
A large section of this controlled assessment requires on going individual study and research. You need to be motivated and organised.

What career opportunities could the course help to give me?
GCSE in health and social care can help students’ progression to study other qualifications in school or

college at a higher level, such as As or A levels, including vocational A levels in either health and social care or other subjects. From there, it is possible to go on to university or other institutions of higher education. Some students may go on to take another vocational qualification at the same or a higher level, such as a BTEC Diploma, an OCR Level 2National Certificate, or an NVQ in a health and social care related or different area. Some students have gone on to become early years practitioners, primary school teachers, nurses, midwives, counsellors and doctors.

What are the special features of the course?
Special features of the course include outside speakers such as mothers accompanied by their babies, school nurse and representatives from organisations will be invited to talk to students. Students will be given the opportunity of taking home overnight a ‘Real Care Baby’ to get a snapshot of the responsibilities and hard work of parenthood.


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Health & Social Care Staff

Miss P. Harris
Subject Leader
Teacher of Food, Textiles, Child Development and Health and Social Care

Miss S. Pollard
Teacher of Food, Textiles, Child Development and Health and Social Care