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Staff List

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Senior Leadership Team
Mrs A Kimblin Headteacher SLT
Mr R Barr Deputy Headteacher SLT/Geography
Mr R Hall Senior Assistant Headteacher SLT/Maths
Mr R McCrainor Senior Assistant Headteacher SLT/PE
Mr S Brookes Assistant Headteacher SLT/MFL
Mrs K Mohomed Assistant Headteacher SLT/Drama
Faculty of English
Mr J Cobley Head of Faculty - English English
Mrs S Tolley  Assistant Head of Faculty/KS4 Subject Leader English 
Mrs C Crosby  KS3 Subject Leader English 
Mrs L McKee English Teacher English 
Ms R Hardman  English Teacher English 
Mr C Hall English Teacher  English 
Mrs N Razak  English Teacher English 
Ms H Latham  English Teacher English 
Ms N Read English Teacher  English 
Mr D Gallagher English Teacher English 
Mrs S McCann English Teacher/SENCO English
Faculty of Maths
Miss L Matthews Head of Faculty  Maths     
Mrs J Hughes Maths Teacher Maths
Mr M James Maths Teacher Maths
Mrs J Mason Maths Teacher Maths
Mrs J McKinney Maths Teacher Maths
Mrs D Peace Assistant Head of Maths/ KS4 Coordinator Maths
Mr M Philpin Maths Teacher Maths
Mr D Smallman Maths Teacher Maths
Mrs M Wilkes Maths Teacher Maths
Mr S Bal Maths Teacher/KS3 Coordinator Maths
Faculty of Science
Mr N Hayfield  Head of Faculty - Science Science
Miss A Crofts Science Teacher Science
Mr V Soni Science Teacher Science
Miss N Chapman Science Teacher Science
Mr E Cook Science Technician Science
Miss R Finch Science Teacher Science
Mrs S Gaffney Senior Science Technician Science
Mrs S Leacy Science Teacher Science
Mr F Rahim Science Teacher Science
Miss E Regan Science Teacher Science
Miss A Rofe Assistant Science Technician Science
Mr G Jennifer Science Teacher Science
Miss C Hamiltion-Grady Science Teacher  Science
Faculty of Inclusion
Mrs J Allen Head of Faculty Inclusion
Mrs A Ackling Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Mrs M Harris Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Mr D Hooper Education Welfare & Family Liaison Officer Inclusion
Mr B Jackson Assistant SENDCO Inclusion
Mrs L Jude Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Ms S McCann SENDCO Inclusion
Mr S O'Grady Refocus Centre Manager Inclusion
Mrs L Smith Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Miss C Watson Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Mrs E Webster Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Mrs C Whitehouse Learning Support Assistant Inclusion
Faculty of Humanities
Miss R Pritchard Head of Faculty Humanities
Miss H Begum Subject Leader - RE RE
Mr W Gowers History Teacher History
Mr S O'Connor Subject Leader - History History
Mrs H Picken RE Teacher RE
Mr D Summerfield History Teacher History
Miss A Kay History Teacher History
Miss B Ross Geography Teacher Geography
Mr K Crawley  Geography Teacher Geography 
Ms A Badger RE Teacher  RE 
Faculty of Art & Technology
Mr G Gara Head of Faculty - Technology Technology
Mr J Connaughton Design Technology Technician Technology
Mr A Cooney Art & Technology Teacher - Head of Year 11 Art & Design
Ms M Davis Subject Leader - Art Art & Design
Miss S Fowler Art Technician Art
Mrs J Hughes Child Development Teacher Technology
Mrs P Jackson Food Technician Technology
Miss S Mclean Design & Technology Teacher Technology
Miss M Munn Art Teacher Art & Design
Mrs J Willcock Subject Leader - Food Preparation and Nutrition, Catering, Food Tech., Child Development Technology
Mr C Wordsworth Subject Leader - PD & Graphics Technology
Mrs T Cunningham  Food Preparation and Nutrition Support Teacher Technology
Faculty of Performing & Expressive Arts
Mr A Johnson Head of Faculty - Performing & Expressive Arts Music
Mrs D Burnham PE Teacher - Head of Year 10 PE
Mrs C Chester Subject Leader - PE PE
Miss E Davis Head of Music & Media Teacher - Head of House Music & Media
Miss J Johnson Head of PE- Head of Year 9 PE
Mr J Williams PE Teacher - Head of Year 7 PE
Ms B Wyatt Drama Teacher Drama
Mr A Lindsay PE Teacher PE
Mr C Nicholls PE Teacher PE
Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages & Business Studies
Mrs U Hughes Head Of Faculty - MFL MFL
Mr M Duffy Subject Leader - ICT & Computing ICT
Mrs N Sharpe ICT & Business Studies Teacher ICT
Ms E Garcia Subject Leader - Spanish MFL
Mrs J McKinney IT/Maths Teacher ICT/Maths
Ms L O'Brien IT Teacher/Business Studies - Head of Year 8 ICT/Business Studies
Ms R Nugent MFL Teacher MFL
Miss S Sheereen ICT & Business Studies Teacher ICT
Miss J Thorogood MFL Teacher - Head Of House MFL 
Miss S Ait-Mansour MFL Teacher MFL
Miss J Boreham MFL Teacher MFL
Miss E Savory MFL Teacher MFL
Mrs C White Pastoral Manager Year 7  
Mr J Blunt Pastoral Manager Year 9 Pastoral
Mrs S Cull Pastoral Manager Year 8 Pastoral
Ms D Evans Pastoral Manager Year 8  (Temporary cover) Pastoral
Mr J Blunt Pastoral Manager Year 9 Pastoral
Mr J Miller Pastoral Manager Year 10 Pastoral
Miss L Hall Pastoral Manager Year 11 Pastoral
Mrs S Melvin First Aider/Clerical Assistant Pastoral
Mrs P Ruddy Admissions Administrator Pastoral
Mrs G Bilton Cover Supervisor Cover
Mrs T Cunningham  Cover Supervisor Cover
IT Networks
Mr P Stanley ICT Technician ITN
Mr N McLaren ICT Technician ITN
Mr K White ICT Technician ITN
Careers & Pupil Premium
Miss L Underhill Student Achievement Manager Pastoral
Mrs P Aitchison Data Manager Data
Mr A Barnwell Caretaker Facilities
Mrs K Cornford Finance Assistant Finance
Mrs R Curran Facilities Assistant Facilities
Mrs L Edwards PA to Headteacher & PR Manager Administration
Mrs Y Fellows Finance Assistant Finance
Mr M Firmstone Finance Director Finance
Mr G Harding Site Manager Facilities
Mrs G Hill Facilities Director Facilities
Mrs R Jones Reprographics Assistant Administration
Ms H Klejdysz Learning Resource Centre Manager LRC
Mrs D McGuinness Events Co-Ordinator Administration
Mrs A Morris Exams Officer Exams
Mrs J Pate Officer Manager  Administration
Mrs C Pelosi Personnel Manager Personnel
Mrs K Regan Administrative Assistant Administration
Mrs J Sanders Lunchtime Supervisor Kitchen
Ms L Sherlock Receptionist Administration
Mrs A Williams Personnel Assistant / Cover Manager Personnel