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LHS Transition

Bulletpoint IGR - New Parents Evening Presentationpdf format

Are you a parent thinking of sending your child to Light Hall School? Are you a student who will be joining us at Light Hall School? If the answer to either of these questions is 'yes' then these pages have lots of information for you.

OurPodcastsPodcasts have been recorded by our current students who have gone through many of the issues that concern new students. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is based on questions that parents of new students have raised. We also offer information evenings for parents and induction days for students. Together, we can ensure that everyone is prepared for a smooth and successful transition from primary to secondary school. Use the tabs above to find all the information and support you need.

It’s your local school
Light Hall sits at the heart of the local community, within easy walking distance of your primary school.

  Light Hall Alderbrook Langley
Peterbrook 2 miles 3.4 miles 3.4 miles
Dickens Heath 1.5 miles 2.5 miles < 3.9 miles
Chilcote 1.8 miles 3.1 miles 2.3 miles
Haslucks Green 1.2 miles 2.2 miles 1.8 miles

A great school community
Not only do we have an excellent academic record we have success in other areas of school life including sporting achievements, contributions to a wide range of charities, full commitment to the community and a strong record of industry links.

Lots to do
As well as a wide range of sporting activities, Light Hall runs a large number of extra-curricular clubs for young people, including ICT Computers, Art Club, Science Club, Board games, Christian Union, Drama Club, Chess Club, Rock Band, Guitar Ensemble, Recording Studio, Keyboard Club, Choir.

Each year Light Hall School runs many exciting trips for its students with destinations such as Spain, France, Italy, USA and hopefully China.

Specialist College Status
Since September 2003 we have been a Mathematics and Computing Specialist College.  This significant recognition was made on the success of our students in these core subjects and our ambitious plans for the future. 

A school of the 21st Century
In February 2006, the school suffered a major fire with the loss of 14 classrooms and other facilities.  Following a successful bid to include other areas, there has been a major rebuild, creating 21st Century facilities with excellent teaching spaces and state-of-the-art technology.

Links with your primary school
Light Hall School has excellent links with its feeder schools. In 2009, Light Hall teachers have delivered exciting Maths, Languages, ICT, PE and Music projects to primary school children both at Light Hall and in their own school.

Children Enjoy it
In our recent survey over 85% of students commented positively on the quality of teaching and progress at Light Hall. Of the year 7s, over 90% were very pleased about their move to Light Hall and the progress they were making.

Parents Value It
In our recent survey of parents, 100% of year 7 parents (and 96% of parents generally) said they were pleased with the education that their children were receiving.

 Examination Results
Students at Light Hall produce consistently high results in GCSE examinations that continue to grow year after year.

What language will my child be learning?
Your child will learn a language based upon which form they are in. Everyone in the same form will learn the same language. Half the children learn Spanish, a quarter will learn French and a quarter will learn German.

My child is in a particular band. What does this mean?

Most schools the size of Light Hall will split the students into bands. There is no difference between the bands except that L Band students will be timetabled separately to H Band students. The bands are not a form of setting or streaming.

Can my child learn a different language?

If you are very keen for your child to learn a language other than the one they have been given then they can be moved to a form that is studying your language of choice. If you child has selected to be with certain students in their form group, those friends will remain in the original form.

I know my child needs to bring a pen, pencil and ruler. Is there any other equipment required?
Pen, pencil and ruler are the bare essentials. Students should aim to bring spare pens, a rubber and perhaps a calculator for Maths. They should bring those in a sensible pencil case and everything in a sensible spacious bag. Your child should bring a separate bag for PE.

What is the school uniform?

Our comprehensive school uniform listing can be found on the
Parent's information page. This includes uniform for PE.

Does my child need to have a particular kind of school bag?

Apart from being sturdy and large enough to carry school equipment, your child’s school bag can be of any colour or style.

If my child leaves something at home, can I bring it in?
Yes. Bring it to reception and explain what you have brought in and for who. It will be taken to your child by staff.

Does my child get a locker?
There are many lockers in Light Hall School. Students have the opportunity to apply for a locker during Autumn Term. A deposit is required. There are not enough lockers for every student so they are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. A letter will go out to inform parents of when the lockers are available. Students can keep equipment and PE kit in their lockers. Hopefully, students will not leave the same unwashed PE kit in their locker all year!

Can my child bring in a mobile phone?
No. Our school rules are that students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. This is primarily to protect your child from potential theft, particularly whilst travelling to and from school. If a student is seen with a phone in school, the phone will be confiscated and will be returned to parents when they come in to collect it.

Is there a football/rugby/cricket team?
There are boys and girls teams for all major sports. Information about trying out for the school teams will be provided to students near the beginning of term.

Can you tell me about the music lessons that go on at Light Hall?
There are individual tuition lessons for most instruments at Light Hall. A letter will be given to all students interested in continuing lessons at the beginning of Autumn Term. Lessons are for 20 minutes at a time and follow a rotating timetable throughout the week so students do not miss large amounts of a specific lesson. There is a charge for lessons which is charged to families annually. However, there are free lessons for some minority instruments and students who are eligible for free school meals are also eligible for free music lessons.

Can my child ride their bike to school?
Absolutely. We encourage students to walk and cycle to school for health and environmental reasons. We have some sturdy bike shelters to store bikes in. Please ensure that any bicycle left on site is securely locked up as you would whenever leaving a bike in a public place.

Can you tell me about the school buses?
There are two buses that specifically service the school but they are not run by us. The route and running of them is organised by Centro.
www.centro.org.uk. You should also consult with Centro’s guidance when purchasing a travel card.

My child will not be able to attend the induction days. Are there any other days when they can come in?
Unfortunately, no. At this late stage of the year, there are no opportunities for additional induction days. I, as Head of Year, have already visited most primary schools to discuss the secondary school experience with new students and a quarter of all students have previously been into school to participate in other transition projects. On the induction days, students will be placed in their forms and follow an example timetable. With the exception of forms for free school meals, there are no important forms or special pieces of information handed out on the induction days. If your child is eligible for free school meals but will not be in on the induction days, do please contact the school directly (0121 744 3835)

What trips are run for year 7 students?
There are numerous day trips run for year 7 including trips to the Black Country Museum and a local Mandir. There are also reward trips for those who attend regularly and meet the school standards. In the past, these have included the cinema, Think Tank, ice-skating and pizza. There will also be a residential year 7 trip in the coming year.

What is the school’s policy on behaviour/bullying/sex education?
All the school’s major policies can be found on the
Parent's information page.

Will my child be sufficiently challenged in lessons?
We certainly hope so. Students are put in sets for various subjects so that they are with students of similar ability. Also, year 7 students follow a skills-based humanities curriculum which has a varied scheme of work, with emphasis on group work, independent learning and self-organisation.

With the assistance of Peterbrook Primary School, year 7 and 8 students at Light Hall School have recorded some downloadable podcasts full of information and advice for young people thinking of coming to our school.

PodcastPodcast 1 - First day at Light Hall School, timetables, form tutors and school buses.
Tanya, Hayden and Hannah.

PodcastPodcast 2 - School rules relating to uniform, equipment, mobile phones and lockers.
Emma, Hannah, Priya, Becky and Aimee.

PodcastPodcast 3 - Behaviour, detentions and the work of the pastoral managers.
Becky, Emma, Hayley and Maleeha.

PodcastPodcast 4 - School subjects, homework and language and music lessons.
Harriet, Holly, Chris, Jake, Mahesh and Jessica.

PodcastPodcast 5 - Trips, rewards and other things we like about Light Hall School.
Emily, Lauren, Holly and Harriet.



We welcome all applications.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment to visit us during the school day, please contact our Admissions Officer to arrange a suitable date and time.

If you would like to apply online for a place in Year 7 starting in September 2014 you should apply to your home council by 31 October 2013.  After this date please contact your home council for advice on how to apply.

If you would like to apply for a place to start at any time other than the normal point of intake you can find a form on the Solihull Council website or phone them for a form (0121 704 6693).

Admission Arrangements

Click here to see our admission arrangements for 2013/14

Click here to see our admissions arrangements for 2014/15

Click here to see our admissions arrangements for 2015/16


If you are not offered a place at this school you have the right of appeal against the decision not to allocate a place to your child.  Appeals are heard by an independent panel.  You should telephone School Admissions on 0121 704 6693 for a form.  The timetable for hearing admissions appeals is as follows:-


Closing Date for Receipt Of Your Written Appeal

Your Appeal Will Be Heard By:

Secondary places for children starting in September 2014

31 March 2014

17 June 2014

Change of School (application at any time other than normal intake)

20 school days after your outcome letter

30 school days after your appeal from has been received

Appeals received after the closing date will be heard within the schedule, if possible.  However, if the form is received in late June the appeal may not be heard until after the school summer holidays.  Appeals are not heard during the school holidays.

You will receive ten school days’ notice of the time and date of the appeal hearing.  This can be waived if all parties agree.  You will receive a statement seven days before your appeal hearing saying why your child has not been offered a place and why the school is unable to admit another pupil.  Any additional documents you wish to submit in support of your appeal must be sent to the Appeal Clerk within three days of the appeal hearing.  Failure to comply may result in your appeal hearing being adjourned.

For further information on Transition contact:
Mr I Grant Emails207igrant@lighthall.solihull.sch.uk

For further information on Admissions contact:
Mrs P Ruddy Emails207pruddy@lighthall.solihull.sch.uk


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